Fantastic For Families

You’re good to go!

Birdhouse has now signed up to the national ‘Family Arts Standards’.
This means we are committed to providing:

  • Clean and safe facilities.
  • Suitable access for wheelchair users and buggies.
  • Advice if spaces for wheelchair users and buggies are limited and/or advance booking for these is required
  • Appropriate seating for children and those with limited mobility
  • Accessible toilet and baby changing facilities that both men and women can access
  • Free drinking water
  • Healthy food and drink options suitable for families (if refreshments are available)
  • Comfortable seating for feeding babies, including breastfeeding
  • Clear signage and easily identifiable staff/personnel.

It’s all going down in the Birdhouse!

Please visit our on-line activity page to see how your child can get involved right away!